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Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

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How to get the most out of windows 10

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Windows 10 may be the most complicated operating system windows has ever developed does include many handy features that are very useful. This blog will have to tell you about thirty Windows 10 tips and tricks. There must be many of you who have just updated/upgraded windows 10.

Let’s get started…..

Windows 10 Tips & Tricks no 1  AERO SHAKE

It’s a very cool trick and it used to be there in windows 7 as well. 

When you have many windows opened and you want to minimise all windows in one go except the current window that is still being used.

Just left-click on the title bar of the program you are working with (current window). Shake your mouse back and forth from left to right and all your other windows will be minimized.

If you want all windows to be back up, just shake your mouse again.


Windows 10 Tips & Tricks no 2  – OLD SCHOOL START MENU

If you are not a fan of windows live menu, thankfully there is an alternative to old style menu back on that might be more useful to you.

Just go to the windows icon on the lower left which will you the tiled menu on the other hand, if you right-click on the windows icon. This will bring the menu with a power option, a windows power shell, and a whole lot more. 


Windows 10 Tips & Tricks no 3  – TASKBAR CALENDAR EVENT

You can now set the calendar event without opening a calendar application.

Go to date and time on the lower right, click the date of the event —–>  give it a name —–> Select time —-> click on the tick mark —–> Enter the location ——–> click on save. 


Windows 10 Tips & Tricks no 4  – SNIP AND SKETCH

The built-in screenshot tools for windows have always been inadequate compared to third-party software. Closing the gap, Snip and sketch is the best to capture tool ever could be included in Microsoft operating system.

To activate it press WIN + SHIFT + S

Select from provided choices :-Rectangular,  Free Form, Window and Full screen sep.

Select the area and it will open in new window where in you can edit it as a image .


Windows 10 Tips & Tricks no 5  – BACKGROUND APP

Background running apps can be a pain area as they tend to slow down your system.

There is a cool trick to handle that a s well:

Click on 



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