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How to check second-hand laptop condition?

Steps to check before buying Refurbished laptops


How to check second-hand laptop condition?

Most of the people spend hefty money on new laptops just because they are scared of buying refurbished or second hand laptops. Key reason of this is that many people does’t know How to check second hand laptop condition. If some how, anyone buys a second hand laptop, chances are likely to be more that he or she would get a faulty one. Generally, you tend to take 

However, It is always very beneficial to buy a used laptop if you know how to check second hand laptops condition. Suppose, you are interested in buying a gaming laptop with NVDIA graphic card and ryzen 5~7 processor with 16~32GB RAM. It would cost you approximately 1Lacs to purchase the same, but if you go for used/refurbished laptop, it can save your cost upto 50%. Many times, old laptops are used only for 1 year or hardly used mint condition laptop. It not at all bad idea to buy one which is in excellent condition and saving lots of money.


You can even sell you second hand laptop in same price or even higher. This is a total profit game. Worst case scenario, If you are getting less than what you bought for, still it won’t be 50% ~80% cut instead you are selling a new one.


Steps to check second hand laptop condition:-


1. Check Serial Number 

It is important to check serial number before buying any second hand laptop. It will tell you the originality of motherboard

To Check, you need to follow below instructions:-

  • Go to BIOS by switching ON the laptop and press F1 or F2. Mostly F2 works.
  • Note down the Service tag or system number
  • Go to official website of laptop’s brand. For Example: Dell, HP, Asus, Acer etc
  • Enter service tag number and verify
  • If all the details are updated on official website then MOtherboard is genuene and not changed.

If there is no record found than its not an original motherboard.


2. Check battery health

  • Go to command prompt but typing CMD on run
  • Type command “powercfg /batteryreport “. Please enter
  • You will see one path where report is generated.
  • Just copy the path and paste it on Mycomputer
  • Open the battery report
  • Ensure that Full charge capacity should be at-least 40 to 50% of designed charge capacity.

3. Check Hard disk

It vital to check Hard disk because if Hard disk is faulty or replaced with low quality, It will directly effect speed.

  • Check the brand of Hard disk installed
  • Ensure that Hard disk should be of good brand like WD, SEAGATE, SCANDISK, SAMSUNG or TOSHIBA.
  • Go to device manager 
  • select disk and drive
  • You will be able to see the brand

4. Check Screen 

  • Check visible spots or lines.
  • OPen Paint or any white background window and check any visible lines of spot
  • You should never buy a laptop with spot or lined visible on screens. 

5. Check necessary Softwares 

You should always check basic necessity of yours while buying a second hand laptop.

Always run softwares that you want to use it on this laptop. Take software with you while buying a second hand laptop, execute the software. Test it wisely and it should run as per your requirement.


6. Check physical damages

Used laptop will have few scratches but it should not be more than 10~20% . Also check any major dent on corners ,hinges, keyboard etc. Most of the time, we face issue when  there is a even minor crack on corners and hinges.  Please do not buy if you find any issue near laptop’s hinges.


7. Keyboard and Mouse Testing

  • Go to Microsoft word application 
  • type each key from keyboard to test if all keys are working
  • Also check track pad by moving cursor to all corners. IT should be swift and smooth.

8. Check External Ports

Check all USB ports, HDMI, etc before buying a used laptop. Take pendrives and HDMI cable to test.


9. Laptop LID testing

Ensure that Laptop lid should be too hard or too soft while opening and closing.

It should be smooth while balancing the weight. it will be difficult to work if its not stable.


10. Check Charger

Go to the official website of the OEM and type the serial number of the charger. Website will display the details if charger is original. If details are missing in official website


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