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Is Renting a Laptop a Good Idea?

Laptop on Rent in Noida

Benefits of getting a Laptop on Rent.

In today’s world, no matter you are an individual, student, a corporate, or running a business, laptops or desktops is the basic necessity of everyone. One cannot live without them because they are like food to us. There are lots of options to buy a laptop or desktop-like credit card EMIs or hefty downpayment. After a year and so, you feel like upgrading the laptop to the latest technology but if you are like us, it’s really difficult to plan again or to pay EMIs. So, the hassle-free solution is to get a laptop on rent from Digitalbluez. Let’s understand the benefits of getting a Laptop on Rent.

For any business or startup, there are a lot of things that are considered to reduce cost. out of all cost expenses, IT equipment for employees or office work is counted as an expensive liability among all other expenses. The best way to overcome this cost is by renting your equipment. Spend your money where it is needed the most. And why you should choose DigitalBluez? This is because you need a hassle-free solution with industry expertise around IT. DigitalBluez gives you ease to save your cost, provides an excellent solution at a very low price. Rest you should read the complete article to understand the actual benefits of renting a laptop or any IT equipment.


Is it actually worth renting a laptop when you can easily buy it by your own?


Yes, it’s actually an excellent idea to rent a laptop even if you can buy it. An average laptop with a medium configuration like an i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 500GB HDD/SDD would cost you around 60K to 80K INR. And in the case of SME businesses or corporates, professional laptops are a must which will cost around 1lakh INR. Now, in case you want to upgrade your laptop to a 16 GB or i7 processor, then again you would have to spend more. In the current work culture or era,  upgrading is essential, so the answer is “LAPTOP ON RENT”.  Rather than buying a laptop, you should rent a laptop and upgrade every year or so.

Case Study :-

Approx. cost of 1 professional laptop with i7, 8GB RAM and 500GB HDD  =   Rs. 1,00,000

If you rent this laptop for 12 months, then cost would be 2750 * 12 =       Rs 33000 Only

Savings: Rs. 67000

Now if you are a Start up with 15 employees :

Cost of 15 laptops = Rs. 15,00,000  (15 Lakhs )

Rent of 15 laptops = Rs.   4,95,000  (4.5 Lakhs / Yearly)

Savings = Rs. 10,05,000  (10 Lakhs)

Plus, ZERO Maintenance , ZERO investments and below advantages.

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Let’s deep dive into more benefits of getting a Laptop on Rent


1. Always work on latest Technology

You need not worry about upgrading your laptop machines when have opted for a laptop on rent. Change your rented equipment according to your convenience. You just need to give a request and get your desired configuration within 24 hours. This way you could save a lot of costs and if you are running a business, all your employees will be satisfied. Remember, Growth come with hard-work and satisfaction.


2. Own your rented laptop

Sometimes, it feels to own the rented laptop because it’s working perfectly fine and you have got used to it. Or, you need to give to your inters or training where you do not want to spend more. There is always an easy option with DigitalBluez. You use a laptop for 1 year and later you can keep it with you at a very nominal price.

This way, you could not only test the laptop and used it for a while but also it will still cost you less than the actual price of a new one.


3. Huge demand due to work from Home

Due to covid, a lot of companies have started asking their employees to work from home. Many businesses were using desktops in their offices but after work from home, they need to provide a laptop or desktop with maintenance solutions at home. Again, this would require investment and management efforts. The solution to this is renting your laptop/desktop need from DigitalBluez. We will not only deliver laptop/desktop directly at home but also take care of services in the case, any employee faces a problem.


4. Conserve the Ecology

While we are thinking or saving cost, we should also think about mother earth by recycling IT products like laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, printers, projectors, etc. By renting a laptop, you will be contributing to conserving the ecology and green India.


5. Short term solution

You need not spend hefty money to buy a laptop when you need it for short tenures like one month or even a day. You can easily get a laptop on rent from DigitalBluez on a short-term basis. 

Many SME companies who are initially on a low budget find it difficult to procure laptops or other IT equipment in one go. So they can easily go for 3 months or 6 months renting solution as per their convenience. They are easily boosting their business and exit after a short-term rental agreement. Similarly, they would know the benefits and can continue as well.


6. Zero Maintenance cost

Buying IT equipment always demands maintenance. Corporate companies spend huge money on Annual maintenance for their laptop/desktops. 

However, when you are renting laptops or desktops, there is zero maintenance cost because everything is handled by renting a service provider. In case of any issues, online support is provided or 24 hours replacement on a major issue.


7. GST Benefits

If you are dealing with a reputed renting solution company that is GST registered then you always get GST credits which you can avail of monthly. It’s a liability that helps may you save tax as well.

Let us know, how do you feel about these benefits of getting laptop on rent. 


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  1. It was interesting when you wrote that all the maintenance costs are handled by a laptop rental company, so you don’t have to worry about it. My friend is opening a start-up that requires her staff to have their own laptops. I think it’s a great idea to turn to a laptop rental company since it’s cost-saving.

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